The easiest and fastest way to buy and sell Reddit MOONs.


What is Celesti?

Celesti is a simple atomic swap service to allow you to quickly exchange your Reddit Moons for XLM or vice versa.

What are Moons?

Here is a helpful video explaining what Moons are and the role they play in the /r/cryptocurrency subreddit

How do I use it?

Simply enter how much you'd like to trade into the calculator on the homepage and follow the instructions on the page carefully. When buying Moons you may use either your Reddit Vault address or any Rinkeby ETH address in a wallet such as Metamask. You'll need to add the Reddit testnet to your wallet to be able to see your tokens outside of the Vault. For instructions on this see the following link:

Instructions to add reddits arbitrum testnet to metamask

When selling Moons you will need to provide a valid XLM address such as from an exchange (including memo) or private wallet like lobstr. We recommend testing out the service with a small amount of XLM or Moons, in order to familiarise yourself with the process. Do not wait too long after using the website to send your Lumens/Moons. If more than 60 minutes has elapsed, please go through the website process again.

I have a problem with my transaction

If your transaction doesn't show up in the Vault enter your address here:

If you see it there then just wait. This is a Reddit GUI bug that sometimes happens.

Otherwise please join the Telegram group below and DM Jaafa with the details, including any addresses you used in the transaction, time of transaction and how much was sent:

I'm using a brand new Stellar wallet

If you are using a private wallet (not an exchange wallet), that has never held Lumens in it before, the Stellar network requires that you fund it with at least 1 Lumen which will then be locked into the wallet to maintain its activation. Therefore you should either fund your brand new private wallet with 1 Lumen yourself before selling your Moons, or sell enough moons to equal more than 1 Lumen. If you have used the wallet before or are using an exchange wallet to receive or send Lumens, you do not need to do this.

Where is my Reddit vault address?

Open your Vault and click on the three dots as shown below. You can then click on your address to copy and paste it.

What are the minimum limits?

The minimum selling limit for Moons is 1 and the minimum buying limit is 1 XLM.

What are the fees?

We currently take a 2% fee per transaction which is immediately retained in the liquidity pool. A percentage of the fee will be used to cover maintenance and development costs while the remainder is retained in the liquidity pools.

How are prices calculated?

The price is simply the ratio of MOON to XLM in the pool. For example, if there were 200 MOON and 100 XLM in the pools, the the price of 1 MOON is 0.5 XLM (100 XLM / 200 MOON), and the price of 1 XLM is the opposite, i.e., 2 MOON (200 MOON / 100 XLM).