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Larger pools are finally here! With a starting pool of 40-50K Moons and equivalent XLM, which will only grow bigger as time goes on. Now you can ALWAYS buy or sell your Moons. However, be aware slippage is active, so the more you buy or sell in one go, the more slippage there will be.

This is similar to how other DEXs work. Otherwise, the site works as before, you send your XLM/MOONs as you did before, except now we have a handy calculator to figure out how much you’re going to getting ahead of time and to set your slippage tolerance. Since the price is now set by Celesti, using the ratio of MOONs:XLM in the pool, if the price changes by more than your slippage tolerance your transaction will be rejected to prevent you from getting an unfavourable price. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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